Syazlie & Khairil - 20/01/2008

Me Being Vain - By Adam RaasalHague

Make-up : Syazlie
Idea/ Props etc : Syazlie / Adam
Photo by : Adam RaasalHague

Makeover - Mawar

Lama inda update... ku dgr..ada yg ngusut pasal nda berupdate blog... Sorry babe.. (u knw who u r...ur sis gitau me..hehe)

So..presenting here... Mawar From Bandar....
She came down just to get her make-up done for her "Graduation Photoshoot". I dont want to go "over done" with Thick heavy make-ups coz it's just for a studio photoshoot... krg terlebih krg..nampak macam pengantin plg hehe... Just simple sweet make-up do.

These are her Before and After photos. (Courtesy of herself... Thanks pasal email it to me)

Perasan nda... mua nya pakai tudung ala-ala Linda Onn... or maybe it's just my eyes..hehe

This is what i get from her email :
"Ps/ Most of my family n relatives ckp lawa u makeup kn...hehe"

Heheh.. Thank U dear.. Glad U and Family like it...

p/s. Jgn lupa send the pic from the photoshoot k...