Syazlie & Khairil - 20/01/2008

Beauty Tips

I will try to update any beauty tips from time to time

readers may send their beauty tips to to be share to other readers

1) Best way to Clean your face after make-up
Wash face with warm water. Why warm water? Because warm water helps to open the pores and makes it easier to wash off the make-ups that clogs in our pores.

2) How to choose the right colour of foundation?
For me, i would apply it on the jaw line and i will make sure the colour is same tone with my jawline or 1 tone darker. Dont be afraid to use 1 tone darker because once the colour sets on our skin, it will be as natural as possible. If you cant get the right colour, u can also mix 1tone darker with 1 tone lighter. it Helps!