Syazlie & Khairil - 20/01/2008

LANEIGE Eye Make-up Competitions (Entry date Postpone)


If you think you have what it takes to win B$180 worth of Laneige's world-renowned makeup products, then all you have to do is show us how creative you are at eye makeup!If you're female, and aged 16 years or above, all you'll need to do is visit any of the Laneige shops in Brunei, do your own eye makeup with the Laneige products provided, take a photo of your creativity, and send it to us before 9am, Thursday, 27th August 2009.

The best entries, as judged by Laneige Brunei Darussalam, will win the following prizes:1st Prize: A set of Laneige products worth B$1801st Runner-Up: A set of Laneige products worth B$1003rd Runner-Up: A set of Laneige products worth B$80

What You need To Do:
1. Visit one of the Laneige Shops in Brunei.

2. Let staff know that you're interested in participating in the Laneige Eye Makeup Competition on Simpur.

3. Use the Laneige products available to makeup your eyes.

4. Once you're done, take a photo of your eyes, and send it to, along with your Name, I.C. Number, Date of Birth, Address and Contact Details before 9am, 13th August 2009.

This competition is open to all Bruneian Residents (excluding DST Group employees). Participants are only allowed to send in one entry each. The results will be announced on 19th August 2009, with a prize presentation held at a Laneige Shop.

For more information on Laneige products, please visit

Further info about the Competitions, kindly visit

If any of u are interested, kindly drop by Laneige outlets in Mall Gadong, Kiulap Plaza Hotel or KB town. Sounds fun rite?

p/s: Thanks Marul for the Info


  1. Hey there Syaz, sounds interesting but hm.. ntah ah... I got too much Laneige Product haha juz give chance 2 others:p Bah U la ikut beb! I noe u will make a very CREATIVE shadow ever! gud luck!=)

  2. hahaha.. tak nak lah.. malu i.
    liat lah dulu..need to practice dulu. klu ok outcome nya... ikut tah kali heheh

  3. Malu?? U R great wut~ hehe bah cuba sja~ u neva noe ur luck if u dun try;)

  4. oh wow,i always wanted to be a makeup artist, i wonder if im able to participate in the laneige makeup competition =/ iv taken makeup classes before by bodyshop and puting makeup on people before their performances/events, do you think they'll let me join? because im turning 16 on the 20th august, d day after the prize presentation..

  5. Hi Nina, I'm one of the webadmin at Simpur who is organizing this event. I think that should be fine with us. Looking forward to your entry and also from the rest. Thanks.