Syazlie & Khairil - 20/01/2008

2nd Place for the Eye Make-up Competition

Hi All,
Sorry for the lack of updates.
I just gonna post this.
Remember my post in July abt the Laneige Eye Make-up contest? Here

I joined... and.. got the result last week. i got a text msg from Simpur representative, Marul, telling me that i'm one of the winner for the contest. i was surprise and speechless.

I got 2nd place (a.k.a 1st runner up).. Thanks to Laneige & Simpur for organising the competitions.

Below are some of the pics during the prize presentation.

Photo by my Beloved God's Gift

Photo by my God's Gift

Photo by God's Gift

This one grabbed from Borneo Bulletin Online

And this is the Entry that i send to Simpur.. it's a simple eye make-up but caught the attention of the judges... Alhamdulillah... Berkat Sabar, Ikhlas dan Tawakkal


  1. do u do teaching? hehe i'm interested thou.. p nda tau dmana kn mencari tutor nya... and how much lau ada payment?

  2. Hi... kalau kan ngajar simple make-up mcm for function etc.. just a simple one... boleh.

    u can contact me on my email